10 Weird Types Of Diplomacy You Won’t Believe Exist

Diplomacy does not always have to be about people wearing suits and laughing with people they don’t like. There are fairly a few other ways to engage in diplomatic relations that you might not have anticipated. In fact, diplomacy doesn’t even have to involve humans. As we’ll quickly find out, there is more to diplomacy than ambassadors. Selfies, warships, animals, meals, sports, roads, bridges, cash, and even tweets can be utilized for diplomacy. Clearly, some of us have been recipients of diplomatic overtures without even realizing it.

10. Panda Diplomacy

China has been utilizing pandas for diplomacy since the days of Chairman Mao Zedong. The idea is to loan a panda to foreign governments in an attempt to foster closer relations. Obtaining a panda from China doesn’t imply the getting nation is in China’s great books. It is just the very first step. Analysts have noticed that profitable deals have frequently followed China’s panda loans. In 2011, the Scottish government signed £2.6 billion worth of contracts with China soon following getting some pandas. Nations like Australia, Canada, and France have also sold uranium to China after getting pandas. Whilst the nations keep the pandas in their zoos, China utilizes the uranium to improve its nuclear capabilities. It is no surprise that pandas are a few of China’s most important diplomats. The Chinese government really owns all of the giant pandas in zoos all over the world, even if those pandas weren’t born in China.

9. Gastrodiplomacy

Gastrodiplomacy will be the use of food to forge friendlier relationships with other nations. It’s widely used within the United states, and nations like South Korea and Thailand train their citizens in cooking their national dishes before sending them towards the US. Now you realize why Thai and Korean restaurants are well-liked within the US. Hilary Clinton attempted to make the US version of gastrodiplomacy whilst she was secretary of state. She launched a “chef ambassador” corps and had 80 chefs cook for foreign diplomats and leaders. Interestingly, gastrodiplomacy is not new. It has been utilized since ancient Rome, when the Romans invited their enemies to buffets. And did we neglect to mention it functions? Inside a survey, much more than half the respondents stated they had more positive views of a nation once they ate food from it.

8. Gunboat Diplomacy

Gunboat diplomacy is the carrot-and-stick version of diplomacy. Frequently, the term refers to the use of warships and gunboats to intimidate a smaller rival till they agree to whatever the country deploying the warship wants. The term can also be used to get a more general display of military energy. Several nations, including the US, used gunboat diplomacy in the 19th and 20th centuries. President Theodore Roosevelt often used warships to intimidate the governments of smaller sized countries like Haiti, Panama, Colombia, and Nicaragua.In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt dumped gunboat diplomacy for much less threatening types of interaction. The US returned to gunboat diplomacy throughout the Cold War, however, when it threatened several Latin American nations with military action.


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