The 2002 Canadian Diplomacy Championship, January 5th in Calgary, Alberta.

It was another great year as 31 people showed up for Stratagem’s 9th Annual Canadian Diplomacy Championships. Special guests included Diplomacy legend Larry Peery from San Diego, as well as fellow Americans Brian Shelden (New York) and John Bryden (St. Louis). Matthew Schoenhardt made the trip up from Lethbridge, and Calgary mayoral candidate Peter Sadlon also competed.

The clips also include local Diplomacy masters like Neil Goud, Brian Mitenko, John Laszlo and Steve Mills. I also recognize Michel Landry, Ernie Kwok, Craig Aitken, Mitch Furlong, Steve Alexander, Rick Northey, and Garth Boucher.

I also noticed John Wilkes in the front lobby of the Sentry Box, enjoying the scenery next to Chuck Mousseau. It sounds like Charlie Pester is working the camera. I don’t recognize everyone in these clips but full results can be found here:

The video concludes with the awards presentation by James Istvanffy and Rob Vollman.

1. Beginner game winner Garth Boucher, who won a copy of Diplomacy donated by Simon Bouton, 2001 World Diplomacy Champion. He played as France and had 13 supply centres in 1909

2. Peter Sadlon (11 supply centres as Germany) and Steve Mills (12 supply centres as Turkey) were also winners. Peter didn’t want the “special prize” so instead he got a rare, hand-made copy of Allan Calhammer’s baseball game, donated by Larry Peery. Steve Mills chose the gift certificate donated by Gord Johansen.

3. Having finished 2nd to one of the tournament directors, the other winner was Matthew Schoenhardt, who finished with 10 supply centres as Italy and donated all the potato chips, courtesy of Frito Lay.

4. In the other game, Ernie Kwok was leading as Turkey with 10 supply centres.


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