Have an amazing time at the finest seaside resort town of Wales.

Llandudno is a beautiful, waterfront resort town in Conwy County Borough, Wales. Situated between the twin limestone headlands, The Great Orme and The Little Orme, the sublime city of Northern Wales is a hotspot for tourism. Imagine yourself surrounded by the seraphic Irish beaches, lagoons of prismatic colors, whimsical little Victorian shops, aged copper mines and scenic walkaways. This summer, grab your luggage and set out to explore the wondrous Llandudno.

Llandudno is named after a Christian saint named Tudno. It is also famously known as the Queen of Welsh Resort. The high land area has seen Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages settlements over the centuries. The various copper mines on promenades were operated until middle of the nineteenth century when the Victorian town went into development as an uptown holiday resort. There are now over 200 hotels and the place is always bustling with happy tourists. One of the renowned hotels was Penforma Hotel, notably linked with Alice in Wonderland. According to a legend, Lewis Carroll was inspired to write about his heroine, Alice, after meeting a little girl, Alice Liddell, whose family used to vacation at the holiday-home of Carroll’s family. The hotel was recently torn down. The Welsh catchphrase for Llandudno is, ‘Hard Hafen Hedd’, which means ‘Beautiful haven of peace’. The slogan was given by a Romanian Queen Elizabeth and it reflects the tranquillity the town oozes.

As the largest seaside resort of Northern Wales, Llandudno is blessed with countless alluring attractions that will make your vacation refreshing and memorable. Start your trip by visiting the Great Orme that stipples the coastline. Standing atop the peak, you will be surprised by the magnificent landscapes of the little Welsh town. The summit’s backdrop is a radiant country park composed of bewitching scenery of fluttering butterflies, blossoming flowers and the songs of seabirds.

The Great Orme has ancient Bronze Age copper mines. A tramcar will take you into the depths of olden shafts where you can have the visual pleasure of centuries old monuments. A superb adventure at Snowdonia National Park can be a highlight of your retreat. The largest Welsh mountain, Snowdon and about hundreds of azure lakes, pristine beaches and moors make up the resplendent park.

The Bodnant Gardens are simply the most dazzling of ornamental gardens. The Gardens are ideal for a serene day spent under cool shades of whispering trees. Another great spot for placid walks is the long Victorian pier.

Moreover, the pier is surrounded by an array of quaint cafes, shops and restaurants where you can relish the best of the Welsh cuisines. Venue Cymru is an immense arts venue incorporating a huge theatre, concert area, arena, conference centre, bars, restaurants etc. The Venue holds live music shows, ballet performances, opera and ice shows.

For history enthusiasts, Llandudno Museum is a place to be. It proudly displays a collection of paintings and a range of items from World Ward and prehistoric times. To end a perfect day, stroll along the calm bank of West Shore. Llandudno is a perfect destination to escape the busy routines. Come back home rejuvenated from the trip of your dreams.

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