Jhansi is the Indian district of Uttar Pradesh situated in Northern India. Jhansi District with area of ​​5024sq KM and population of 1744931 in its 5 tehsils and 8 blocks holds an important place in Uttar Pradesh. The district is more popular for heroics of the gallant queen Maharani Laxmi Bai during the British reign. Jhansi was the district of personal interest of ex-prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee so we can find North-South corridor and East west corridor both passing through Jhansi and making it an important place in present scenario as well. It has suddenly brought rush to the infra structure and real estate of Jhansi. The Greenfield airport at Jhansi is also in planning.

History of Jhansi:

Jhansi was a prominent place during the Chandela kings known as Balwant Nagar but in 11th century it lost its stronghold. It regained its prominence during the reign of Raja Bir Singh Deo of Orchha. In year 1613 he constructed the fort oh Jhansi. In 1729 Mohammad Khan Bangash attacked while the reign of Maharaja chhatrasal Bundela of Panna. In this war Maratha Peshva Bajirao 1st helped Bundelas and after victory as mark of gratitude Peshwa was offered a part of Bundela state which included Jhansi in it. With this Jhansi became a Suba of Marathas and their Subedars use to rule the state.

Jhansi as mentioned came in limelight during the British reign because of the heroics of valiant maharani laxmi bai wife of jhansi's subedar gangadhar rao who died at early age and queen took the administration in her hand but jhansi was collapsed to british empire under the doctrine of lapse Which made Rani Laxmi Bai to take part in the revolt of 1857. She sacrifices her life in this revolt.

Places of interest in Jhansi:

Jhansi is more a place of interest for the History lovers as the place has great historical background. The most prominent place of attraction is the Fort of Jhansi constructed on a rocky hill with ten gates in wall of fort surrounding the city.

The government museum of Jhansi is the place of major attraction with its auditorium, parks, Dindayal sabhagar, open air theater, 1857 mutiny memorial with statues of metal scrap. The museum has huge collection of documents, sculptures and paintings of different eras.

Shrineof St. Jude is another important place for catholic Christians. On 28th October people from far places visits the church for the Jude's festival of a week for St. Jude whose bones are buried in Cathedra foundation.

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