Doesn't it often, seem, nearly every day, and / or, news cycle, we hear about another potential scandal, which, might involve, the current, President of the United States? Does this cause you, some degree of concern, or, less than inspiring feeling, when, much of what, you've learned to believe, in the past, no longer seems, to be, today's norm ? When the American people, find it difficult / challenging, to believe, their leader, is telling them the truth, or, focused on serving the public good, instead of his personal / political agenda, isn't it, the nation, and the citizens, who, are at greatest risk? Since, January 20, 2017, we have become inundated, by, information, which challenges, nearly all prior expectations. President Donald Trump, often, appears to flourish, from controversy, and / or, what others might consider, chaos. When challenged, by some controversy / scandal, he generally follows the same procedure / process, which I refer to as, the Trump Playbook, using 6 basic steps. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what this means and represents, etc.

1. Deny / denial: Stage one, is nearly always, the denial step! When accused of any. potentially damaging / disturbing information / content, Mr. Trump's initial reaction / action, is, generally, denying any direction! He continues to do so, as long, as he believes he can get away with it!

2. Blame / complain / accuse / Fake Facts: How many times, in the last two, and a half years, have we heard, the President refer to, anything negative, reported by the media, as fake facts? Using name – calling, and transferring blame, from himself to others, he proceeds, to complain, continuously! The next step is often, accusing them, of political motivations, etc, and stating, they are the guilty one, and he is the persecuted! Of course, the ultimate component, of this second stage, is declaring, he is telling the truth, and anything, which contradicts his version, is a fake fact!

3. Use spokesperson, enablers, etc: The next stage is parading out, on the various news programs, interviews, etc, his spokespersons, who often, seem to be acting, as little more than personal enablers! It often seems, like they are having a contest, who might gain the greatest influence over this President, based on their degree of supporting him, personally, regardless of the facts!

4. Create alternative reality: When one of his personal advisers, many months ago, declared, Trump does not lie, but his statements are alternative facts, we know we may be entering the equivalent of The Twilight Zone ! As the late, Cokie Roberts said, There is no such thing as fake news. Either it's real, or it isn't news!

5. Proclaim President's candor: The next stage, which may appear, at nearly any time, is to proclaim the President's candor, constantly! Even, when there is recorded proof / videotape, we have been told, to not believe what we see and hear, but, rather, only what we are told by this individual!

6. Stymie the investigators / accusers: Whether it has been, Bob Mueller, Michael Cohen, Congressional Democrats, the media, etc, an essential component, in this process, is to stymie the investigators / accusers, in any manner, possible. Sometimes, he uses, transference, while, at other times, he seems to take actions, focuses on diverting attention, and protecting himself!

Wake up, America, because, this isn't normal! Making America, great, must mean, once again, believing, at least somewhat, our President and political leaders, seek to serve and represent our interests!

Source by Richard Brody

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