Shopping for baby gifts is always fun because of all the cute, ingenious, and creative baby gifts that designers have created to enchant us. When you put a little thought and your own inspiration into the gifting, that is when gifts for baby can become totally unique and quite outstanding. All you have to do is observe what makes the parents passionate like golf, baseball, the arts, music and then turn that into a personalized gift for babies. For golf lovers, we have found the absolute epitome of unique, memorable, and precious baby gift ideas; a baby golf club.

Baby's First Golf Club

Baby's first golf club is a wonderfully unique gift for anyone but for those who are passionate about golf like Donald Trump, who owns severable golf courses, and Tiger Woods, who owns dozens of trophies, a real club that is the perfect size for baby is an absolute winner for baby gifts. In fact, Donald and his wife Melania, already have one for their toddler Barron. And if the Donald has one, you know that it has to be high quality and do what it actually says that it will do. This is a real, working, baby golf club made from the best drivers available and will be the most memorable of unique gifts that parents new and repeat will enjoy receiving.

Real Golf For Baby

Baby's first club is made from a stainless steel oversize driver. The shaft is a True Temper steel shaft with Junior Grip so that any golf lover will be impressed with the quality and precision of this club and can even start training the new Tiger Wood as soon as he can stand. We would not be surprised if Tiger received one of these unique baby gifts for his newborn. He would be proud to receive such a thoughtful gift for his little one and probably have it personalized and mounted in the nursery until baby can start swinging. This real baby golf club is perfect to display in either baby's room or playroom.

Personalized Baby Golf Club

To make these baby gifts even more unique, the club is custom built to baby's birth length in inches. If a length is not specified, the baby golf club is made to be 30 inches in overall length. Because they are custom built to your specification, you can even ask for a length that you feel would be the most appropriate for when baby is old enough to stand and swing. To commemorate the birth of baby, personalize the club with baby's information and it will become a cherished heirloom. The top of the club is laser engraved with baby's name, birth date, length and weight up to a maximum of 17 characters per line. For any names that are longer, you can enter the remaining part of the name on the second line.

Source by Cora Lee

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