CHASS National Forum 2013 ‘Civility in Australia’
20 June 2013, Parliament House Canberra

Roundtable Discussion – Soft Power and Public Diplomacy

Session Chair: Professor Naren Chitty AM, Macquarie University

Panel members:
Professor Jocelyn Chey AM, FAIIA, The University of Sydney
Professor The Hon Gareth Evans AC QC FASSA
The Hon John Howard OM AC
Professor Joseph Siracusa, RMIT University

Topic includes:
a) If traditional closed-door diplomacy is inherently meant to be civil in manner, has public diplomacy added to or reduced civility between states?
b) What is more effective in generating soft power, a civil discourse between peoples of two countries – or national image campaigns?
c) How might a state develop an attractive foreign policy through partnering publics at home and abroad?
d) Can/might/should soft power-based world politics replace hard power in an increasingly regulated world?


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