Do you have the power of decision within yourself? Can you live with the understanding that you are the ultimate decider in your life? Well, I have big news for you: All genuine happiness is an inside job that you have to work on with yourself. Nothing outer can provide it. Happiness and significance are most powerful forces, yet they do not come from anything outside even as powerful as a nuclear bomb. It all comes from that “invisible force” of thought and that “really invisible force” of feeling.

Indeed, thoughts and feelings control reality for all of us, but they do not create it in any way. That is the rub that makes everything “intangible” and “invisible”. It all comes from within us.

President Elect/President Donald Trump realized this when he became “leader of the free world. I could see it on his face after the initial briefings by the Secret Service and all that about what is really going on “in reality”. He may “rule the free world”, but he cannot genuinely rule and dictate the reality of everything in the way that he thought when he started running as a politician.

I get it, and you should too. Nothing outer can rule things, even ourselves. We must change our perceptions and genuinely understand. Without that understanding, and without that control within the bounds of genuine reality, nothing can genuinely happen. The sort of control Donald Trump wanted was and is just a dream. On the other hand, the sort of control of themselves that an anonymous Zen Monk has is more realistic, for they are seeking to control their genuine selves at cause, not the “outer world” of effect. Thought effects that upon which it is directed, sure, but realistically all thought starts from within like waves on a pond from a rock thrown in it, not just by screaming or bullying insignificant orders or dictates that “things shall move”. So, when I say, “I get it”, that is what I mean: Genuine power comes from within, and all weakness is just power that comes from the wrong place.

So, when the early Oriental Philosophers and Zen Masters say “give up and go within”, they are actually saying what I am saying, what is within has more power than what is without and control of yourself has more power has more power than “ruling others” or bullying outer circumstances. Real significance starts within. After all, why do you think Kanye West really “went crazy” with all the money, all the trappings, a great life, a beautiful wife and all the things that would make most happy as “Richard Cory on his yacht with his ideal life and the only son of a rich banker who ends in suicide because of not being satisfied with his lot?” I got that line from an old Charles Dickens story and an old Paul Simon song he sang with Art Garfunkel long ago. So, I end this way: Within yourself is where the power is, that is the cause. Outside of yourself if interpreted as the cause is where the weakness is. If you do it correctly in a cause and effect way, you are great. Do it wrong, and you are nothing. Reading all this so far, you should know what I mean by those last two sentences before this one.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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