Most of us are always trying to be the best that we can be. Others are always trying to be perfect. But can we be perfect, given our frail human nature? Is it even healthy to try and be perfect or are we aiming for an impossibly high ideal that will not take us anywhere anyways?

Perfection is a plague for all of us. Advertisers are always encouraging us to buy their products because we are not good enough just as we are. But is this really true? Do we have to fall prey to such underlining negative attitudes which will make us feel worse about ourselves?

I believe that we must strive to get off the perfection ban wagon and become who we were meant to be when we were born, perfect and without blemish. However, to do so, we must become more aware of all the negative messages that are hurled against us by our culture and especially advertisers.

However, with practice and self-awareness, it is possible for us to like, and sometimes even love, every aspect of ourselves. We are not only good enough just as we are. We are great just as we are. We do not need any gimmicks to be perfect. That is something that we do not believe, regardless of who tells us so.

What does it mean to be average? Well, here are a few things that it does mean:

• Accepting ourselves in our own skins.
• Accepting our flaws, be they character flaws or physical disabilities.
• Acknowledging where we are, without worrying about anything else.
• Not comparing ourselves to others because it is a waste of time, energy and inevitably it can make your life miserable.
• Honoring who you are right now, without worrying about anything else.
• Becoming more aware of what the media is telling us to be and to avoid being those things.
• Loving ourselves and knowing deep in our hearts that we are unique just as we are.
• Not wanting to be anyone that we are not but celebrating who we are now.
• Celebrating our unique talents, because we have a lot of them.
• Realizing that we are all average, and we can all be great by how we lead our lives.
• Living joyfully in the present moment, celebrating all the little and not so little experiences in our lives.
• Living a more aware life one that is grounded in the present.

By accepting where you are in life and raising to be the best version of who you are now, you can live the best life that possible.

People who exude this kind of self-confidence look pretty perfect. They hold their heads up high and they celebrate this moment right now because it is the very moment where they are meant to live and be their best version of ordinary. Are you ready to be average?

Source by Irene Roth

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