I present a Diplomacy play through of an entire game of Diplomacy against the Microprose AIs (Hasbro Version), as Austria. https://www.historygamer.com/diplomacy/diplomacy_play_hasbro_ai.php

In a face to face or Internet game, Austria is a very difficult nation to play. Against these AIs it’s actually one of the easier nations to play.

In this particular set of games my brief is to gain the 18 supply centres without any diplomacy and as quick as possible. Hopefully I am displaying some technique as well along the way.

Austria is one of those nations where you are probably going to expand entirely on land, unless you are in a “real” game playing alongside Italy in some kind of Lepanto attack against Turkey. In this game I chose to attack Russia, Turkey, Italy and Germany which is a fairly typical set of aims for this country.

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