A Full game of Diplomacy played against the artificial Intelligence (AI) from the 1999 Diplomacy game by Microprose (distributed by Hasbro). As England. https://www.historygamer.com/diplomacy/diplomacy_play_hasbro_ai.php

As I can make some assumptions (playing against AIs) I go for the fully commital opening with England, which is to convoy the army to norway and move a fleet to the Barents sea as soon as possible.

I also bounce out Germany in Belgium in 1901 without fear of reprisal. Then I grab the English channel as soon as possible (firstly to grab Belgium and secondly to back stab France and get into Brest).

My first real target however is Germany (I will pick out St. Petersburg for a quick gain), and then France. Pretty typical stuff and after taking France I got for the Iberian penninsular of Portugal and Spain.

The end position is one typical for an English win – that is from Portugal, through France and Germany, picking up the Scandinavian countries and St. Petersburg in the north.

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