Diplomacy play Russia. Part 1 of 12.
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Russia gets the four starting units more than any other country in Diplomacy.

However its attention needs to be split between territiories in the north and the south.

You could even argue it has to worry about 4 fronts (or 4 neighbours if you include the ineviatable English invasion of scandinavia)

Part 1 outlines what each video will deal with, namely the basic starting strategies of going south (3 units south, 1 north), and splitting them 2 v 2.

Also the Juggernaut is covered, an Austrian Alliance, Working with Italy, the rare French alliance, how to attack Russia and defend from Germany.

A discussion of the northern border in general, plus nightmare scenarios, A Turkish attack from move 1, A German attack from move 1 and Austria Hungary.

Diplomacy Strategy Playlist

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