How to play Turkey in Diplomacy – part 1.

Part 1 on how to play Turkey is an introduction on the three main opening ideas which revolve around attacking Russia, befrending Russia and Anti Lepanto Ideas.

I look into Tukeys involvement in the overall diplomacy of the game. Who should Turkey be talking to?

Most people opt for the most felixible opening, Con – Bulg, Smy – Con, and F Ank to Black Sea.

With this opening you can potentialy attack Russia or Austria, but if you are sure that Italy and Austria are ganging up against you then getting a fleet out into the Aegean (if you can) will stop this attack in its tracks.

With Turkey you are (almost) gauraunteed a full game (its hard to knock Turkey out), but its a slow burner of a country and you’ll need a longer (full) game to realise its potential.

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