Diplomacy Risk Tournament ROUND 1a. A 14 turn/14 player online Diplomacy Tournament played on a Risk Board. More info at http://www.facebook.com/historygamer

For the first round only I will be announcing the moves (video 1a) and then resolving the moves (1b). In future rounds I will post the moves and show the resolution of the moves in a single video (to allow more time for commentary).

As expected some really interestign play with a few big winners, one big loser and some mismatch of moves (back stabs, double crosses?)

Player Pieces Youtube
1 Dpink Cataphracts123
2 Dmauve NaturalTwentyFilms
3 Dblack daniellapihuska (CUtiger59)
4 Dred Newper
5 Dblue SuperNoddan
6 Dyellow lukeCRq
7 Dgreen Evanmechify
8 Rred MP Fox
9 Rblue aeneas2467
10 Rwhite Vos040
11 Rgreen whatsit100
12 Rbrown Kabukikitsune
13 Ryellow BigRed8710
14 Cwhite Kaizer504

15 Waiting MrWhyUNoPlay



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