I present a Diplomacy play through of an entire game of Diplomacy against the Microprose AIs (Hasbro Version), as Turkey. https://www.historygamer.com/diplomacy/diplomacy_play_hasbro_ai.php

This is one of the harder nations to win with against the miroprose / Hasbro AIs. The reason is that Russia and Austria and Italy naturally look Turkeys

way, and even though they don’t combine at all they represent quite a block to progress with Turkey.

So my plan in this game is to lure Austria out of their safe haven (near home) and pick up a weakend Greece, and the rest of the Balkans. The main thrust

of my armies will go up Russia (seeing as the Ais like to play Russia might as well knock them out).

Hilariously I let the Austrians go a bit too far, but it does lead to an interesting game, and the plan to attack into Russia works out quite well.

You could say that in the end it was Turkish delight! (A little sweet related pun for you there).

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