Diplomacy. Why you should never give up at Diplomacy. Part 2 of 4.
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After the builds of 1901, I found myself facing a strengthened Austria (who now had a friendly Italy to work with). Italy in turn was friends with France. England and Germany were converging on Russia who were rapidly losing interest in the game.

France and Italy now set about organising a “French lepanto” to land a French unit in Syria.

However by a combination of talking and luck I held on with a sneeky backstab whilst simultanteously helping the same player!

By 1903, Germany was looking pretty awesome with eight units! The French lepanto was theoretically possible and Austria has fuly committed his troops, so as Turkey I was very clsoe to collapse. I managed to cobble some kind of delaying defence together, but it was fairly inadedquate.

Then – the Miracle! A lone stab by France into the “back door” of England. This meant that France would get involved in a bitter war with England.

More Diplomacy Info:
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