Diplomatic Agents
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 describes about Diplomatic Agents. Diplomatic Agents are those persons who are representative of their own States. Diplomatic Agents may be classified as follows ā€“
1. Ambassadors
2. Ministers
3. Charge dā€™ Affairs
Function of Diplomatic Agents
Representation –
Promotion of friendly relations-
Privileges and immunities of Diplomatic Agents
Inviolability of Diplomatic Agents-
Inviolability of Premises-
Immunity from Local Jurisdiction-
Immunity from taxes and duties-
Immunity from local and military obligations-
Freedom of communication-
Freedom of movement-
Right to worship-
Termination of Diplomatic Mission
Expiration of time-
Recall of Diplomatic Agents-
On request of receiving state-
Persona non gratia-
Termination of mission as whole-


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