Visitors can experience a stay at a Hua Hin hotel and enjoy a resort town in Southern Thailand made popular by the royal family. The railway lines built by the King have made Hua Hin very easily accessible and have contributed greatly to its great popularity by offering connection even to Malaysia. As a much-sought after holiday destination, Hua Hin has been a hot spot with both the locals and visitors with its beauty and underwater wonders.

The most popular tourist attractions are sunbathing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and other such typical sea-side activities, though there are golf courses, spas, caves and peaks for the Nature tourist and of course shopping, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife for time spent away from the water. The small rock formations that rise from the sea offer the visitors beautiful vistas and a rich coral reef, with rich and colorful marine life has been a source of wonder. Kite-boarding is also very popular, thanks to the shallow and calm sea and consistent winds of low-intensity. The Kite festival is also very famous and attracts thousands of tourists for the event held every year.

Enjoy a Royal Retreat

The Hua Hin Railway station, built of wood for the Royal family is a beautiful place and has become a major tourist attraction. The shoppers looking for local products at a bargain can have their pick at the teeming nightly street market. There are pretty hills offering trekking various stunning view-points and the Buddhist monasteries at the top attract the believers. There is a beautiful vineyard offering spectacular views and connoisseurs have enjoyed the local cuisine and wine-tasting festivals. Visitors can enjoy an excursion to the 11-tiered Pa La-u Waterfalls about 60 kilometers from Hua Hin that evolves with verdant perennial forests and is a breathtaking sight.

To attract the discerning traveler, apart from all the usual activities, the resort town of Hua Hin also has added attractions like world-class golf courses, boutique hotels, spas and resorts where one can get a Thai massage and hotels that teach visitors the intricacies of typical dishes due to the ever-increasing popularity of Thai cuisine. The nightlife includes bars, discos, and karaoke bars apart from world-class restaurants offering every cuisine under the sun. Hua Hin hotels cater to the visitor’s every need making for an unforgettable holiday.

Source by Marion Langley

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