Although, politicians, and public officials, have been considered, as amongst the least trustworthy individuals, and / or professions, for a significant period of time, it seems, to many speakers, we have never witnessed, so little TRUTH , coming from those , we elect, to serve and represent us! This is probably, due to, the fact, for many election – periods, voters seem to vote for, those, who make promises, which fit, a specific political / personal agenda, self – interest, or prejudice / bias, and, thus , candidates have, in their quest to be elected, resorted to making whatever promises, might propel them, into office. However, recently, this has become, magnified, because, each side accuses the other, of articulating fake facts, even when the only reason, for doing so, is because, the concept, is simply, contrary to their position, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly identify, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the possible ramifications, and results of this behavior.

1. True; timely: What good does it do, rather than serving some individual's self – interest, to avoid making true statements, and doing so, constantly? While many politicians have done this, President Donald Trump, according to political fact – checkers, averaged approximately, six lies, per day, since elected. In the past, when they were caught, in – a – lie, a politician would make some attempt at correcting the statement, or, at least, not repeating it, but Mr. Trump, generally, doubles – down, on his lies, proclaiming, others are using fake – facts, and he, is the only purveyor of the truth! The amazing part, is, his core supporters, continue believing, and trusting him, despite this, and the result is, a level of negativity, and polarization, as we have not witnessed, in our lifetimes. In addition, his slogan, Make America Great Again, appears to focus, on some rose – colored memory of the past, rather than looking ahead, in a relevant, sustainable manner!

2. Relevant; realistic; rationale / reasoning: If an idea fails to be realistic, it can never be truthful! We need elected officials, to escape their personal comfort zones, and the same – old, same – old reasoning, and propose, relevant, sustainable, viable solutions! Voters must closely examine, with an open – mind, one's rationale, and reasoning, to be certain, it focuses on actual solutions, instead of promises, rhetoric, and / or vitriol!

3. Useful: If ideas are not useful, and usable, because they are not, either, realistic, relevant, sustainable, or viable, how can the individual, serve and represent constituents, as needed and necessary?

4. Trends: Times change, and evolve, and we need to elect leaders, willing to, objectively, discover, learn and understand trends, and make the best choices!

5. Healing; head / heard: If someone focuses on being adversarial, and polarizing, rather than unifying and healing, constituents will suffer, in the long – term! A quality leader must apply, the finest combination of logic, and emotion, in a head / heart balance!

Americans must open – their – eyes, and elect candidates, who tell the TRUTH , even when it isn't that pleasant! If we are to hand future generations, a sustainable world, we must do so, as soon as possible!

Source by Richard Brody

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