Why is it, so many times, we elect individuals, who seem to focus on political advantage, popularity, and a specific personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than keeping their bond, to you, and putting quality service, and representation, first? If we believe, the words of the Pete Townsend/ The Who, song, I can’t be fooled, again, why do we fail to see, what we need, in those we elect, to serve and represent us? Populism comes in many forms, and different political agendas, but is usually, somewhat, easy, to identify, when a candidate runs a campaign, based on simplistic slogans, empty rhetoric, and promises, rather than, on the best possible, most viable, relevant, sustainable solutions. Unless/ until the American public, ends their apathy, and proceeds, to pay keen attention, to their duties and responsibilities, this will continue, for generations, to come!

1. The past: We elected Richard M. Nixon, in 1968, largely do, to his claim, he has a Secret Plan, to end the Vietnam War. Four years later, we were still involved, there! Two years after that, the Watergate scandal, brought forth, the forced resignation, although Nixon, famously, stated, I am not a crook. When Rudy Giuliani was Mayor of New York City, he made many promises, which he failed to ever address. President Obama, proclaimed, and made many unfulfilled promises, in promoting the Affordable Care Act. The current President, Donald Trump, proclaimed he would get rid of Obamacare, and replace it with something better, less expensive, and would do so quickly. We’ve seen how that promise has not only been abandoned/ unkept, but, has weakened many of the protections, without improving our health care.

2. The current President: Perhaps more than ever, in recent memory, President Trump, has used empty promises, rhetoric, vitriol, and claims, to inspire and motivate his core supporters. How many times have we witnessed lies, which fact – checkers state, he has stated, an average of 6 times, per day. He said he’d create a tax reform plan, which benefited, predominantly, the middle – class, although nearly all economists, state mostly benefited the largest corporations, and wealthiest! Mr. Trump has made one statement, one day, and contradicted himself, shortly thereafter. He has appeared to stage international conflicts, and imposed tariffs and the risk of a damaging, trade war, while claiming, no one has done as much. Yet, his core supporters, which appears to be about 35% of voters, appears, to remain, loyal to him, and believe, and/ or, don’t care, when he lies!

If we want things to get better, voters must be less apathetic, and instead of being gullible, demand integrity, vision, and relevant, sustainable solutions, from public officials! Wake up, America, and learn, before it’s too late!

Source by Richard Brody

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