In 2016, The United States of America, elected, in a tightly contested election, an individual, who promised, to, Make America Great Again, whatever that might mean, and represent. This indicated, and further created, a divided, polarized, partisan nation, with, seemingly, little willingness, on either side, to seek common ground, towards a true, meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good! To some degree, because of our complex, electoral system, Presidents are elected, based on the Electoral College, instead of the popular one. We witnessed, in that election, Donald Trump, being elected President of the United States, although, his opponent, Hillary Clinton, actually received, well over two million, more popular votes. We’ve witnessed more blaming and complaining, as well as empty promises, rhetoric, and misstatements, than genuine service and representation! Doesn’t this nation DESERVE better, than we, are, presently, receiving from our elected, public officials? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Delve deeply; discover; deep look; deliver: Instead of electing people, who are often, driven, more by their personal/ political agendas, and self – interest, wouldn’t it make more sense, to voters, to take a deeper look at the candidates, delve deeply into what it might mean and represent, as well as if it’s viable and realistic, and discover the best person, for a specific position? Don’t vote on empty promises, and rhetoric, but rather on the potential, and actual qualifications, to under – promise, and, over – deliver!

2. Empathy; emphasis: Public officials must effectively listen, and learn, from every conversation, and experience, in order to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! This must direct their emphasis, and focus!

3. Service; solutions; sustainable; stronger: Avoid voting for someone, who seems to need, to have his back slapped, and, who, rather. emphasizes, quality service! The duty of a leader is to make our nation stronger, in the present, as well as prepared, better, to leave the world, for future generations! We need relevant, sustainable leadership!

4. Excellence; endurance: There’s no place for leading with being satisfied with, good – enough, but we need, a dedication to genuine excellence! Since there are always, obstacles, we need someone, with the utmost amount of endurance and persistence!

5. Relevant; reliable; responsive; rights; right: Shouldn’t our leaders, do what’s right, and not, simply, expedient? This requires the quality of character, to proceed, in a relevant, reliable, responsive, responsible manner, and to prioritize all the rights, freedoms, and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution!

6. Visionary; vision; views: Examine a candidate’s vision, and views, carefully, before electing, someone! Seek individuals, with a visionary manner, and perspective, and focus, on what should be!

7. Energy/ energize; enrich: Consider the personal energy, and personal aura, carefully, and look, for someone, ready, willing, and able to energize, and enrich, the nation, and all its citizens!

Wake up, America, because, if you don’t, we won’t receive what we need, and DESERVE! It’s up to each voter, to take responsibility for his actions!

Source by Richard Brody

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