When Donald Trump announced last year that he was entering the network marketing arena in earnest by launching his own company, the news was not as sensational as it might have been two or three years ago. With new network marketing ventures currently being launched in droves, it was “just another” announcement. Now, four months after the official launch of The Trump Network a pattern is emerging and all of the promises Trump made regarding his involvement in the direct selling business are coming to fruition.

Nobody questions the power of the Trump name. It is one of the best-known business franchises in the world and is synonymous with quality and success. In the prelaunch phase last year of The Trump Network there were many skeptics who didn’t believe that Donald Trump was 100% behind this venture and in fact those in the field exaggerated many of the claims in the early days. But as Trump always does, he started to build a foundation, which is likely to become one of the most valuable franchises in the world, based on a methodical approach that covers all bases.

The first concrete evidence of his intentions with The Trump Network could be clearly heard in his keynote address at the official launch of The Trump Network in Miami back in November. He compared it to his now famous TV program “The Apprentice”. The Apprentice is one of the most successful TV shows of all time and Trump explained that many thought it was a “long shot at best” when it was launched. He made it very clear in his speech that The Trump Network “is not a long shot” and that he plans for it to become to predominant company in the industry over the next few years.

Since the November convention he has made good on all of his promises and now appears on some of the conference calls the company provides. He hosts walk-ins at The Trump Tower in New York where some of the industry’s top leaders are invited and he is intimately involved, as Chairman of The Board, in many of the important decisions the Company makes. You can see the stamp of “Donald Trump” everywhere. The Company has started to expand its product line which all bear the Trump name.

In May they are expected to launch a major new cosmetic line of patented anti-aging products, which will be provided by the top manufacturers in Europe, exclusively for Trump. Here we can clearly see the power of the Trump reputation at work as top industry names clamor to be associated with the world famous brand. Donald Trump has already made it very clear that he intends to roll out many more product lines in the future and we can be rest assured that his people are making very sure the products he lends his name to maintain the image and quality of the Trump name. Many industry observers watching The Trump Network evolve are claiming this is a move by Trump to create a lasting legacy for his name with consumers, not just the business community.

As a private company none of the growth figures of the organization are made public but it is clear the company is expanding at a breathtaking pace. At one point recently management claimed the growth of the number of reps every month was now higher than the annual growth just one year ago before Trump acquired them (Ideal Health). Trump made it very clear from the beginning he expected to see more than one million reps signed up in less than two years. This would probably make The Trump Network the most successful network marketing company ever and we all know Trump will not stop there.

The legacy he wants to create is at some point every household in America, and we can assume later globally, will have at least one of his products in their home. This is a goal Trump has declared publicly himself and when he makes these kinds of statements he never has the intention to fail. In fact he is probably in the process of writing history when it comes to the distribution of consumer products in North America and some people are now saying, if you are involved with network marketing in any way, you should associate yourself with The Trump Network in order not to be left behind.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also signed up with The Trump Network as I concluded that buying a franchise to use the power of the Trump name for about $500 was too good to pass up. Donald Trump and his organization have spent billions creating this brand and I can rest assured that he and his organization are going to make absolutely sure this brand is protected and extended with products and services that are only worthy of carrying his name. I never have to worry this company is going to go out of business or will ever run out of the resources needed to be successful. We can already see the quality being delivered. With the Trump brand in its sails we can expect The Trump Network to start landing on the shores of many of the important global markets around the world as Trump continues on his quest to be the biggest and the best.

Source by Colin Buckingham

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