Internet Networking Companies – A New York for Donald?

Recently Donald Trump launched his very own MLM Business Opportunity based around the Health industry. Its called The Trump Network. While we all know that Donald is the king of Real Estate he has recognized the power of the Internet and Network Marketing Companies. He has launched a full campaign into building Internet Assets such as Residual Income through this new venture.

Building residual income in this manner has and always will be the way the Rich create wealth. Its a commonality that is found between all Millionaires and successful people. They all have a source of passive income. In the early days for Mr. Trump it was Real Estate and I’m sure it always will be but he now sees the uncanny ability to build real estate online through Network Marketing.Digital Real Estate that is and not apartment houses or buildings.

A New Age for Residual Income

Over the years creating passive income was built around owning income producing property or Amway. Today with a new generation of passive income seekers this market has opened up to even the most successful. The days of asking friends to join a program are over. With today’s technology people are able to build passive income streams almost automatically. When someone Like Donald Trump takes the time to speak to an MLM Business Opportunity Group you should pay attention. His actions alone show that building residual income streams is not only important but its The key factor to his billions.

With the giants of other industry leaders coming online to promote Network Marketing and building Residual Income more and more people will start to follow. Its following leaders like Donald and others like him that lead to success. The busy stay at home Mom or the salesmen who works 60 hours a week are benefiting from Network Marketing. In the past most people have a bad vibe for MLM business opportunities. Mainly because of bad management, leadership or what have you. Today the leaders of successful MLM Companies are not hiding behind web pages. You can connect with them online through Facebook, Twitter and many other social media avenues.

Join the Passive Income Revolution

Its not hard these days to have a presence online. There are many tools made available to you and most are free. You can have a page up on Facebook and YouTube in less than a hour. Promoting your MLM or Network Marketing company to the billions and billions of people on line. The more Leaders such as Donald Trump who jump into this arena of MLM Business Opportunities, the more people will flock to the internet to see what its about. If your positioned right you stand to make a windfall just by allowing the leaders market for you.

When Donald mentioned that Network Marketing and Residual Income online was where the future was heading there were over a hundred thousand people on the call. When the man who creates Millions daily speaks, People Listen.

Source by James T Humphrey

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