The European Union Delegation to Ghana in partnership with Environment360 and the GA East Municipal Assembly organized the EU Climate Diplomacy Week 2018. This year’s celebration was centered on promoting sustainable waste management practices and renewable energies among school children towards the global goals of the Paris Agreement. This year’s Climate Diplomacy Week was from the 24th to the 28th of September. The activities included awareness campaign for reducing, reusing and recycling waste, donation of 50 recycling bins and a stage play was organised for 500 students from selected public schools in the GA East Municipal Assembly. 
A three-week intensive art seminar on climate change and how to create art works using recyclable materials was organized for five private schools in Accra.
The climax of the event was the award event that held on the 17th of October. 
The European Union Climate Diplomacy Week 2018 celebration was a success!
Let us keep championing the fight against climate change.

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