My son is totally obsessed with the film A Night at the Museum.

Have you seen it?

No? I've seen it too many time to count at this point, but at my last viewing, something made my synapses fire.

In the film, everything in the natural history museum comes to life at night, the mini roman soldiers included.

As Octavian, the roman general, leads his army to break down the wall of the display case, he declares,

"We expand or we die !!!"

That's a big statement.

When he yells out "We expand or we die," Octavian is expressing the ancient Roman philosophy of expansion and say what you will about ancient Roman policy, but Octavian is actually declaring the LAW of the universe.

Expansion or Contraction

Expansion and Contraction are the movements of our pulsating universe. Our universe is in constant pulsation. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is still. NOTHING !!! Not even a wall, not even a rock.

Stillness doesn't exist, ever, anywhere!

In life, there are only two choices:

Expansion OR Contraction

That's it! No other choice.

Are you confused at all? What on earth am i talking about?

Here are some examples of this Expansion and Contraction business:

* The creation of the universe: The Big Band – Explosion – Expansion (the contraction will come eventually … maybe)

* Pulsating stars: Expansion / Contraction

* The Seasons: Summer = Expansion / Winter = Contraction

* The Cycle of Life: Birth = Expansion / Death = Contraction

Even in everyday life, we find also Expansion and Contraction.

* Waking up = Expansion / Going to bed = Contraction

* Going out = Expansion / Staying at home = Contraction

* Socializing with friends = Expansion / Being alone = Contraction

And to take it even further, there can be cycles of Expansion and Contraction within cycles of Expansion and Contraction.

You can also have and expansive experience within contraction – like a mindblowing expansive experience within a moment of solitude.

I'm sure you can think of a ton of other examples.

Expansion and Contraction is everywhere and in everything. We can't get away from it.

SO …

What does this all mean for our own, individual, personal life?

(* Big inhale … *)

… That we are never still either.

We are either in a state of Expansion or in a state of Contraction.

There are only two choices: Expansion or Contraction

If we're in a state of Expansion, we …

* work endlessly to realize our dreams.

* realize those dreams and continue to create more dreams.

* continue to learn and educate ourselves.

* continue to improve our skills.

* grow and expand our circle of friends.

* try things we've never done before.

* make more and more money.

The error that many of us make is that we often think that we can stay the same, that we reach a certain level of education, of skill, we achieve certain goals, etc … and that's it! We think that if we're not in a state of expansion, we can continue on in life exactly as we are until we die.


There are only two choices: Expansion or Contraction.

"We expand or we die !!!"

If you're not expanding, then you are contracting.

Ask yourself this question:

*** Right now in my life, am I expanding or am I contracting?

Answer and be brutally honest. Get real with yourself .

If the answer is "contraction" know that you have the ability to change anything and to find yourself back in expansion.

As long as you still have breath in your lungs, you are naturally being pulled towards expansion. It's THE LAW of the universe. If you're in a state of contraction, it's only because you're resisting your own expansion.

Don't worry about contraction. It'll come when you're heart stops beating.

You have the choice !!!

* To learn more about universal pulsation:

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Source by Mira Jamadi

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