A Book Review

By Gary Boyd

William Koenig, the author of Eye to Eye, has been a White House correspondent for sixteen years, president of World Watch Daily and publishes weekly, Koenig’s View from the White House.

In his book Eye to Eye you will learn about the consequences that nations and leaders have went through after pressuring Israel to divide her land.

He relates how the Jewish people have a 3,7000 year history with the land of Israel and a 3,000 year history connection with the city of Jerusalem.

Every world power that has controlled and occupied the land of Israel has become a former world power or lost power, like ancient Rome and Britain.

He relates how over 100 billion dollars has been spent on record-setting catastrophes that occurred while presidents Bush the elder, Bill Clinton, George w. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump were calling on Israel to divide the Promised Land.

The costliest insurance events, the most destructive hurricanes, the most expensive tornado outbreaks, the 9/11 terror attacks, hurricane Katrina and Harvey, all corresponded to heavy White House pressure on Israel to divide their land.

Jerusalem is mentioned 812 times in the old and new testament of the Bible he says for a reason. The US, UN, and the EU do not have the authority to divide God’s covenant land. If they try the Bible declares that Jerusalem will become a burdensome stone and efforts to divide the land will lead to Armageddon, the final battle for Jerusalem. The God of Israel will continue to rebuke those leaders and put their nations under judgement if they continue to divide the land.

Scripture says in Zechariah 12:9, “And it shall come to pass in that day that I will destroy all the nations that come against Israel.” That day corresponds to the final battle of Armageddon.

Some of the chapters include:

Historical Basis for Israel’s Right to the Land – The Error of Replacement Theology – US Catastrophes and Events

What Koenig has concocted is over five hundred pages of facts and figures, stories and pictures relating to horrible catastrophic events that occur to nations declaring Israel should give up portions of their promised land for peace.

I will give Eye to Eye a five-star rating out of five for its excellent research on catastrophic events corresponding to peace talks. The original book I read years ago was much shorter, less detailed with much doubt presented on why the timing of events were so close. This updated version adds many catastrophic events and more argument for God’s word and why all these accumulated events finally rain down judgement in the end. A standing ovation is required for this piece of excellent work.

Source by Gary Kent Boyd

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