Did you know that long-term stress reduces serotonin levels? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain which helps us feel good. To make matters worse stress also releases cortisol, a hormone produced in the adrenal gland which also can lead to depression. This hormone also reduces serotonin levels, leading to more depression but it also tells your body to hang on to that belly fat we all want to get rid of.

Exercise releases feel good hormones and the benefits keep going all day long helping serotonin levels remain in the normal range. People who exercise on a regular basis have less health problems overall. Exercise is the most fantastic natural cure for depression and lowers your chances of developing Alzheimer's and memory problems, helps deal with stress and you'll keep your weight in check as an added bonus.

And, it's not just exercise, it's anything you can do to relieve stress, such as meditation, doing something that relaxes you, whether it's gardening or playing baseball. One of the most important things you must do is give yourself quality time. We spend so much time caring for others, whether its children, pets or work that we neglect ourselves. Just one half hour of doing something you love to do will manage our stress and relieve depression.

There are also natural alternatives that can give you a boost so you can start feeling better in addition to exercise. One brand I have researched to be the best is Mind Soothe. There are other brands available, but many people I know have tried it and swear by the results. It contains key ingredients to help support your emotional wellness and health, along with the nervous system to maintain a positive attitude. If after giving alternatives to antidepressant drugs a try, and you still feel anxious or depressed, you should see your doctor for an evaluation. An ongoing depression could be related to another medical condition or a more severe form of depression, in which case you may need prescription medication.

Source by Rebecca Theresa Shelly

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