The regal Siamese cat is known to be playful, smart and loyal. It is one of the breeds of cats that you can easily recognize due to their distinct body types and characteristics. Siamese cats from Appleheads all the way to Seal Point have a wide range of exotic skin colors and lively personalities. This beautiful creature has the ability to communicate with its companions and loves to be part of their lives. To learn more about this cool kitty, read this compilation of fun facts.

The Siamese is among the oldest domestic cat breeds, having a long history. They originated in Thailand, which was formerly called Siam. Here, they were considered part of the royal family. Therefore, images of this blue-eyed kitty were seen in ancient manuscripts dated way back in 1350. In 1871, this breed of cat was put on display at the Crystal Palace of London. This brought about an interest in Siamese cats and made them much more popular.

When Siamese cats are born, they are white, but they later develop markings when they are about four weeks old. This coloring, which shows up on cooler body parts, is caused by a partial albinism gene, which is sensitive to heat. As they go through adulthood, there is a noticeable difference in their color as it darkens.

These cats have vocal abilities, allowing them to create a wide range of noises to express what they want and need to their human companions. While they are not known to be too affectionate, they are very clever, so they can understand and follow easy commands like fetching.

Their physical features include bright blue eyes, creamy coats and dark marks in some parts of the body, known as points. These marks are very dark brown among Seal Point cats. Those with chocolate points show lighter markings, blue points feature grayish marks, while lilac points are nearly frosty white in color. There are also Siamese cats with red to caramel shade markings.

Aside from having different colors of coats, Siamese cats come in a variety of body types. The Applehead is the traditional Siamese cat, the largest breed of this kind. It has a round head with the shape of an apple. The Classic breed cats are a bit smaller and have a triangular face. The Modern, also known as Wedgehead, is a combination of the Classic and Traditional Siamese cats. They also possess long noses, pointed ears and slim bodies.

Siamese cats can become too attached to their companions, so they will not be ideal pets for those who are workaholic. However, if you still like one, find someone to accompany your pretty kitty so she can play with her while you are away.

Among all domestic breeds, Siamese cats have the longest lives, which sometimes last for up to 20 years. Purebred cats are prone to gum problems or gingivitis and so, owners should look after their dental hygiene. It is important to brush their teeth once a week and visit the veterinary when mouth irritation occurs.

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