ADAM PASCUAL (PHILIPPINES) – GLOBAL CHANGEMAKERS YOUTH SUMMIT 2018 (Captions are now available! Turn it on for better viewing)

SPEAK GLOBAL for youth diplomacy! SPEAK CHANGE for climate action! 2 advocacies; 1 great purpose.

Adam is an advocate for climate action through youth diplomacy, empowerment and youth integration.

In a span of 6 months, Adam advanced in numerous global conferences and initiatives in East Asia, Central Asia and North America to campaign against youth indifference vis-a-vis environmental-economic impacts of climate change.

On the 12th of March 2015, Pascual addressed Presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of state of 70+ countries worldwide at the 4th Global Baku Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan as a panelist to the “Climate Change and its Geopolitical and Economic Influence” plenary session.

Pascual discussed the relations of economic development and climate change, the youth perspective with regard to environmental issues and project TREE+PLY: a free solution to climate action trough tech-based platforms.

Adam Pascual graduated with distinction (cum laude) from the College of International Relations LPU, Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Service Major in Diplomacy. At age 19, he became the sole youth representative of the Republic of the Philippines to Presidents, Prime Ministers and other heads of government of 70+ states worldwide, accomplished more than 4 international competitions (against current CEOs and students from Cambridge and Harvard) in more than 8 international destinations and pursued academic/professional fellowships in a span of 6 months. (100% funded)


● “Audience Winner” of 12,300+ audience & Philippine team captain at the World Bank Group Youth Summit 2015 Business Competition, Washington D.C. USA, by introducing a free solution on youth indifference towards climate change. (fully-funded)
● 100% Scholar at the ICSB Academy 2016, Stevens Institute of Technology and the United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA. (fully-funded)
● One of the Top 9 Finalists out of 843 competitors, Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016, Sweden.
● The only “Young Leader” of the Philippines out of 3,100 applicants at the 4th Global Baku Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan. (fully-funded)
● Philippine Youth Delegation, Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths, Tokyo, Japan (fully-funded)
● International Youth Volunteering Ambassador at the Global H Camp, Seoul, South Korea. (fully-funded)

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