Band: Hate Diplomacy
Genre: Slamming Beatdown
Сountry: USA
Album: Don’t Join’em, Beat’em [Demo]
Year: 2016


Rise And Shine Same Shit Different Day

Media Pumping Fearful Garbage On The Brainwash Box

Boy I Tell Ya They Know Just What To Say

Walking Out The Door About To Slave For The System

Survival Instinct Kicks Into High Gear

Don’t You Dare Ignore

It’s Telling You Something Is About To Appear

Rapidly Skies Dismal And Dark

Pavement Shakes Underneath Your Feet

Ships Manifest-Before Your Eyes


Neighbors Look With Disbelief

Their Hearts Pounding, Souls Shaking

Asking Themselves, “..What Are They Gonna Do To Us?!..”

Real Talk It’s The End

For All The Black-Hearted Ones

For All The Greedy Ones

New Agers Glow Beams Of Light

Telepathic Data Downloaded


“..High-Aura People Of Earth Will Not Be Harmed..

…we’re Here To Help Guide A Better Way…

..But As For You Low-Vibrational Evil Dwellers Hosting Off The Humans..

..We Been Watching You Puppeteer This Species Since The Beginning..

.. Now Your Corrupt Reign Is Done…”

When The Last Piece Of Data Is Processed The Sentencing Begins

Flashes Of Light Melt Their Skin As They’re Vacuumed Into Thin Air

The Powers That Be Thinking They Stand A Fighting Chance

One Percent Busts Out Their Most Harmful Artificial

But Not One Has A Prayer With-Their Whack-Ass Hard-Ware

Witnessing The Brains Explode Of People-Ya-Know

Processing The Knowledge That’s Been Bestowed Upon You

All Religious Beliefs Are Shattered, This Is Your Big Wake Up Call

Struggling In A Warped Twisted Fantasy Called Life

Realize You Been In Love With A Distorted Reality

You Fall To Your Knees And Grip Your Sweaty Palms With Thanks

Understand Why You Are Here

It’s Time For Universal Brotherhood


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