Thinking of how to word a eulogy for one of the most important people in your life? For some people, it is a necessity, while others do it without any qualms. After all, it is customary practice for an immediate family member, like a son or daughter, to give the eulogy at a funeral.

It is never easy to write and verbalize one’s sentiments – before an audience — about someone who has just passed away, more so if the person is one’s parent. This is because the deep wound created by the loss is still fresh. Then again, looking back at many delivered eulogies, examples that are among the most poignant are those delivered for a parent. Because a parent is a very important figure who gave you the gift of life, you cannot express your heartfelt feelings in one speech alone. If you find yourself wondering how you can cram a life story in one eulogy, remember that you can simplify the whole process and speak from the heart, or as naturally as possible. You may wan to go over some remarkably written eulogies, examples of which abound in books as well as online resources. Well-written eulogies & examples of poems and verses that give new meaning to death can add depth and meaning to your own composition. Use those poems, verses and other inspirational reading matter as takeoff point and let your own thoughts develop or take shape from there.

Other things that may inspire you to write a piece are musings of great literary minds – including poets who have expressed their views about life & death, love & grief, mortality and eternity in many creative ways. The Bible is, of course, one of the best guiding books for writing eulogies. Examples of eulogies that express the enduring love shown by a mother abound. One that is quite gripping is that delivered by Prince Harry for Princess Diana (a decade after the fatal accident the princess met) during a thanksgiving service in London sometime in 2007. Although it raises speculation if Harry himself created it, the eulogy nonetheless expressed sentiments that many people could identify with, Princess Diana’s life being such an open book. Harry’s eulogy, while it highlighted Princess Diana’s unflagging efforts to be a devoted mother, also acknowledged how the immediate royal family (including Prince Harry himself) took her – and all the love she had to give – for granted. Prince Harry also expressed unequivocally that Princess Diana was the best mother one can ever have, and that she was badly missed. Prince Harry then took solace in the fact that he and Prince William continue to remember their mother the way she would have wanted them to – as one with a joie de vivre.

In writing a eulogy for a mother, you can start in a number of ways. You can begin with a favorite quote of the deceased, or a few stanzas from one of her favorite poets. A good inspirational example may be author Maya Angelou’s collection of poems about her mother, entitled “Mother: A Cradle to Hold Me.” Other writers, like Emily Dickinson, likewise offers excellent ideas for eulogies. Examples of eulogies and poems on death of a father crafted by other great literary minds and even ordinary people can be worth listening to, especially if they reveal a trait or personality not readily known to all those who knew the deceased.

Source by Margaret Marquisi

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