Nearly everyone can remember hearing "Eat your carrots, they're good for you!". Did you ever take those wise and meaningful directions to heart and ask for another helping or did your eyes glaze over in mock belief?

What you may have once regarded as sheer folklore is proving to be astonishingly true. True for carrots plus a cornucopia of other yummy delights from the garden.

What exactly is teleological nutritional targeting? Is it a bow and arrow game or something out of a new age chemistry lab? It's neither.

The whole subject is rather old news – some would even say that it's really ancient wisdom. It's just not been brought to our attention in the last few centuries or so, until recently.

Teleological is the study of design or purpose in natural phenomena.

Nutritional targeting is "hitting the bulls-eye" of our dietary needs with nutrition-specific fruits and vegetables.

You can smartly determine how a particular plant from nature's bounty will suit your own individual requirements by simply looking at it. The outer shape and design is the first clue and the inner shape and design gives the second.

Color plays a part, also.

So, let's get back to the carrot. Sliced ​​into "coins", you can see that the inner design looks remarkably like the iris and pupil of the eye. Nutritional science wholeheartedly supports the role this veggie plays in the health of your eyes.

Isn't it amazing how some foods resemble parts of the body that they help, such as:

  • Walnuts – a mysterious likeness to the left and right hemispheres, upper cerebrums and lower cerebellums of the human brain. Compare the wrinkles (folds) on the inner nut and the outer shell to the neo-cortex. Science has now discovered that the nutrients present in walnuts help develop over thirty-six neurotransmitters for brain function.
  • Celery and rhubarb – a single "rib" standing up suddenly appears as a bone. These foods specifically target bone strength. Is it any wonder that bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium? If your body does not receive enough sodium it draws it from the bones, making them weak. Feed your hungry bones!
  • Tomatoes – look inside and you'll see a resemblance to the four chambers of the human heart. The color red of a vine-ripened tomato matches the blood that flows through it.

Whatever your need, there is a plant that exists somewhere with the answer found in its matching design.

There's an endless supply of solutions!

Mother Nature has a story she's craving to tell you sharing the wisdom of what's inside every fruit and vegetable. She is just waiting for you to ask!

Once she imparts her secrets to you, you'll view fresh produce with new meaning, new zest. You'll be spouting your newly found knowledge to everyone who'll give you an ear (hmmm … wonder what the story is on corn!).

Now, imagine going to the farmer's market, where all selections are organic. You choose onions with healthy skins, sweet potatoes that are elongated and six to ten inches long like the pancreas, fresh kidney beans and other information-rich garden offerings.

What joy!

Then come home and fill your kitchen table with treasures that are plum yummy. Make a list as to which areas of your body will get the attention they're starving for when you devour these lip-smacking, fresh foods.

Next, get out your favorite recipe book and aim to prepare a targeted, nutrient dense meal that truly satisfies and is tasty, too. Repeat daily.

Mother Nature, history's "first farmacist" will thank you.

Become your own farmacist today, the twenty-first century way! Learn more TNT wisdom and reap treasures of information on a variety of targeted whole foods that match the designs of the seven systems of the body.

Source by Mary Theresa McLean

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