Loving who you are is one of the most powerful abilities you will ever allow yourself to have. Period. If you love who you are then your chances of success, wealth, happiness, finding your ideal partner, being in a loving relationship with your partner/significant other are so much higher that it begs the question of: Why would you not want to learn to absolutely love yourself, even if you did have to go through a little pain in the first instance to get to the pleasure of being 100% in love with yourself?

Well, the obvious answers come. “You can’t love yourself, that’s just arrogant”, “You must love others before you love yourself”, “I must love God/Ala/Buddha above all”, “Loving yourself is for tree hugging hippies”. Well, I’m here to tell you today that in order for you to get your ideal life (the life you imagine being the perfect life you’ve always wanted) you sure as heck better start with creating a foundation of self love. Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Mother Theresa, Mike Pero and any person you may look at as a success in their field all have a deep, underlying self love which leads to a self respect which non “lovers of self” often lack.

How then, does one love themselves if they don’t now? Well the first part is to start by building an awareness around who you see yourself as being. Do you see yourself as beautiful, successful, healthy, loving, warm, motivated, financially free? Once you build a self awareness of where you are now, you can start to devise an idea of where you want to be, in terms of loving yourself. Many times lack of self love comes from a feeling of I’m not good enough, and often these feelings flow right through life, even into our career. Working in areas where you love what you do can absolutely assist in maintaining the feelings of self love. Working with folks who also love what they do will also assist in solidifying your self love.

Source by Liz Benny

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