As we move around town, one thing many homes have in common are the large number of wreaths hanging on the front door. We also have people who have the wrong kind of wreaths hanging on their front door. What many people do not know is an outdoor wreath for the front door can last much longer than they realize if purchased correctly. This is also true for indoor wreaths. I am going to share with you a few simple guidelines to help you in purchasing a beautiful wreath that will last more than just one season or even less.

The first guideline in considering an outdoor wreath purchase is to determine where you want to hang it. There's the front door, the patio, the deck area and some folks like to put a wreath over the garage door. The best place to hang it is under a covered porch or an indented entry way. Looking at the surrounding area, we want to discern what the environmental conditions are around the designated hanging spot. Is it receiving direct sunlight and if so, then for how long? Will the rain and the wind affect the wreath?

The reason why it's so important to get the answers to these questions is to know what kind of wreath will do well where you want to hang it. There are some all natural twig bases with various natural dried grasses that hang quite beautiful on front doors however even those are subject to the weather conditions. Some people prefer the natural beauty of eucalyptus which also comes with a wonderful natural scent. However, the sad thing about eucalyptus wreaths today is that many manufacturers will dye the eucalyptus to get all those luscious colors. What happens is the dye will run down their front door when the rain hits it. In some cases, I have seen the dye run when the humidity is real high. To be safe it's best to use eucalyptus outdoors.

The best outdoor wreaths are the all natural and the silk florals with a natural base. They look the closest to fresh and they can withstand the weather conditions the best if placed under a covered porch or an indented doorway. The silk florals will fade in direct sunlight. Dried floral wreaths will fall apart in the weather increments. Now, I'm not suggesting not getting a wreath for your front door because of the weather conditions. I am suggesting to protect your wreath and your finances by using common sense in protecting them during these hard times. Also, speaking of common sense, when purchasing your wreath, be sure to ask for the box. You will need it for storing your wreath.

Once you decide which wreath you want for your front door that's when the fun begins. So often times, people will plant their front flower beds and then try to purchase their wreath. You may find less frustration if you purchase the wreath you want with the colors you love and then find the bedding plants to enhance and compliment the wreath. A nursery will have more options in colors and textures than your wreath supplier.

For indoor wreaths the purchasing rules do not really apply here but you may consider the amount of direct sunlight on silk florals. Colors and textures are what indoor wreaths are about. You can use a wreath like a piece of art work in any room of the house. They can add a focal point or a just a soft compliment to the overall decor. Indoor wreaths can bring an ambiance of comfort and relaxation, unity and peace, or warmth and friendship. Like the wedding ring, they symbolize unity among all who dwell there.

Choosing the colors is usually determined by matching or complimenting the largest piece of furniture or artwork in the room. There are also themed wreaths available like diaper wreaths for the baby's room, culinary wreaths for the kitchen or dining room. There are wedding, spring, summer, fall and winter wreaths, holiday wreaths as well as garage wreaths. If you look hard enough you can find almost any kind of wreath.

The last thing you will want to do is clean your wreath at least once or twice a month. There are wreath cleaners available to do a great job cleaning your wreath while protecting it as well. Never put your wreath under running water or standing water. Use a hair dryer with a low cool setting to blow the dust off.

Source by Theresa Hilden

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