iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage and Google IG), is a service of Google, and a personal web portal. It was originally launched in May 2005. Its features include the ability to add web feeds and Google Gadgets.

As a marketer, I was not surprised to find Donald Trump in iGoogle's Showcase. Donald Trump is a Real Estate Mogul having completed huge building projects like the Trump World Tower, a 72-story residential tower. Donald has made money investing in commercial real estate also and some people are asking, "How much was Donald Trump's income in 2008?" Forbes indicated that Donald's income was over $ 1.6 billion dollars.

One of Donald Trump's business ventures is Trump University where you can learn about real estate investing, incorporating your company into a limited liability company (LLC) and as a member free attending free seminars in your area. Donald is also a writer and is including a free copy of his "Catch the Wave", a book on CD-Rom that also includes powerful bonus reports and investor calculators to those that attend the free seminars.

Donald is also a television celebrity and known for "The Apprentice" a television show that has been running for over a few years now ..

So what is Donald's latest venture? He has invested in Vitamin company called "Ideal Health" rumored to be renamed the "Trump Network". The Trump Network is prelaunch and will typically be launched in October of 2009.

A uniquely formulated vitamin is created for each person after a home test is sent back to the company. Experts looks at specific metabolic markers in urine, saliva, or blood spot sample, and then utilizes a database of over 100,000 patients and over 30,000 scientific nutrition studies from top research institutions to develop unique customized formulas for baseline nutrition and other health concerns.

As with most vitamin companies there is a multi-level marketing opportunity. The obvious advantage that Donald Trump will have over other vitamin companies is that he knows how to market his product. The fact he has celebrity friends such as "Oprah Winfrey" and has the money to market the product properly means that "The Trump Network" will be capturing many future headlines. As part of Igoogle's showcase Donald will be receiving a lot of favorable public and lots of people will be interested in learning about his latest projects.

It is really simple to add Donald to your Igoogle homepage, just click on his picture and you will be taken to the Donald Trump biography page. You can choose to get different gadgets such as the Donald Trump Blog, Real Estate News, the Apprentice Game demo, Business Quotes of the day and more … that is listed on this page or you can add it as a tabbed page with everything listed with one click.

Donald Trump is sure to raise a lot of buzz in the MLM industry, but any good marketer knows that it takes more than a MLM opportunity to make money. It takes a marketing system and marketing knowledge to succeed in any business opportunity.

With the downturn of the economy and people looking for a way to work and feel healthier would not it be great if the product works as advertised? It would be great to have a product that helped you feel more energetic and also provided people with a money making opportunity. There are a lot of optimistic people in the world that are expecting this is the case with the new "Trump Network" coming up.

Source by Deb St.

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