Pak media discussing how 24 hours after India agreed to talks with Pakistan on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week, the government reversed its position. Pak media saying after this the reaction which came from the Pak PM Imran khan was not only undiplomatic but also childish. After the cancellation of the talks betwen the bpth respective countries, Imran Khan went to Twitter and called Indian PM Modi a small man in a big office. Pak media saying by doing that Imran Khan closed the possibility of a back door diplomacy. Pak media saying that Imran Khan can’t talk about another country’s Prime Minister like he talk about his opposition leader, he need to learn about diplomatic approach like previous Pak PM Nawaz Sharif. Pak media saying that without good relationship with India Pakistan can never complete the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor also known as CPEC Project. Pak media saying that America building up India against China and Pakistan and if Pakistan don’t play well then Pakistan an’t have a good relation with India in this region. Pak media saying that both Pak and Indian Establishment need to sit together and resolve the issues other America will take the advantage and try to build India in the South Asian Region to further American interest.


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