With so much focus on, and so many claims, today, that certain items and reports are fake news, wouldn’t it be nice, if there was some effective way, of identifying and differentiating between, real and fake news? How can Americans make a well – informed decision, until/ unless, they know the truth, as compared to the empty rhetoric and promises? When there have been so many reports of false stories, being placed, on Social Media, and elsewhere, the process becomes quite challenging! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly identify, consider, and discuss, 5 factors, and possible ways, to better judge, whether something is real or fake.

1. The source of the information: Always look at, and consider, the source of the information, and the reputation of this report! How is it possible to know, when something, is based on facts, rather than other motives, etc? Certain sites have far better reputations than others, but, even that, doesn’t guarantee, whether it’s factual! Review the timelines, supporting information, etc, and whether, there are consistencies! Do not proceed, in a way, where you judge the facts, by whether it supports your personal position, but, rather, whether it’s true, or false!

2. Fact – checkers: We are witnessing a time, when our free press, often, seems, to be, under attack, from a variety of sources. The Intelligence Agencies of the United States, have clearly stated, there was an effort, by foreign sources, including an apparent concerted effort, by Russia, to influence the last Presidential election, by false placements, in a variety of Social Media sites. Nearly everyone, except, President Donald Trump, and some of his most obedient cronies, have admitted this, and isn’t foreign interference, a clear, and present danger, to our society? Because of the many false stories, and/ or outright lies, we have witnessed, the introduction of fact – checkers. In addition, because of President Trump’s apparent, loose attitude, towards telling the truth, there has become an effort, to fact – check, most of his statements, and this has resulted, in the statement, he has either lied, or mis – stated the facts, an average of six times, per day, since elected. Voters must analyze the statements, based on their veracity, rather than, merely their personal, political, priorities, and/ or agenda, or any empty rhetoric and promises!

3. Dates; timeline: Always look at the timeline of any statements, because, often, doing so, demonstrates, certain proclamations, are less than factual! The more we consider and examine, the better the chance of getting to the truth!

4. Motives: Consider the motives of the provider of the information, and see, if what is stated, is merely, an attempt, to sway the opinions of our citizens!

5. Who’s calling it fake?: President Trump, often, calls anything, or anyone, who disagrees with him, or places responsibility, on him, as Fake News. Whether something is true or false, is not, based on whether you like or agree with it, but, rather, if it’s factual!

Wake up America, and consider the lyrics from Pete Townsend (of The Who), I won’t be fooled again! If someone keeps lying, and you don’t question it, you are supporting, the politics of empty rhetoric and promises!

Source by Richard Brody

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