Wonder if Revo Styler is a good buy? I'm sure you've seen this product on the late night infomercials. This hair styling product is a hand held, revolving round brush. It claims that it adds shine, volume and bounce to your hair. I personally own this product and wanted to provide a review to help you decide if this product is right for you.

What's so different about the Revo Hair Styler? The brush is made of nylon and boar bristles. The nylon bristles help to bring the hair into the brush. There's a reason they use boar hair in brushes. The boar bristle smooths the hair out and adds texture and shine. On top of that the rotating brush helps to style and add volume to the hair.

The Revo Styler Works as Follows

1. The instructions say to wash your hair and partially dry it. It specifically tells you not to use hair products in your hair before using the Revo Styler.

2. You hold the brush a few inches from your head and it straightens the entire length of the hair right down to your scalp. The brush can rotate on either slow or fast speed. A switch allows you to change the direction of the rotation. Until you get the hang of the brush use the low speed.

3. The instructions suggest that you use small sections the hair. When you are using the brush, be really careful your hair does not tangle. It does not hurt if your hair does get tangled. The brush has a safety catch and pauses if it encounters too much resistance. Also, it is easy to untangle without damaging your hair.

4. Once you start styling your hair you may find it awkward to use. It's heavy which makes it difficult to hold on to. It may take you up to a couple of weeks for you get used to it.

The Revo Styler comes with the following

  • Large spin brush
  • Styling brush
  • Charging cradle
  • Sectioning clip
  • One comb
  • Ten minute instructional video
  • Six page manual
  • The whole set costs $ 80. You can also buy a smaller styling brush for an extra $ 20.


  • It creates a beautiful salon look.
  • If you have arthritis in your fingers and hands it's much easier to use the revo styler than a regular round brush.
  • Your hair will feel cleaner longer because you don't use any styling products.
  • You're able to give your hair lots of body.
  • The brush stays charged for two weeks at a time.
  • It shortens your drying and styling time.


  • Your arms get tired using the styler.
  • It's quite expensive with an $ 80 price tag.
  • The brush does not style your hair in ten minutes like the makers claim. It takes around 20 minutes.
  • It isn't the greatest product for performance and ease until you get used to it.
  • If your hair length is past your neck, your hair may get tangled in the brush.
  • It takes up a lot of space in small bathroom.

Hand Tips

Almost blow dry your hair completely first and then finish with the Revo Styler. This way you can use both hands for the blow dryer then for the styler. Also use plenty of hair clips and use small sections of hair while styling with the brush.

The Revo Styler is an excellent styling tool but it does take a little while to get used to. There is an instructional video that comes along with it. It really helps to visually see how to use the brush. I'm personally impressed with being able to straighten, add volume and nice soft curls to my hair. All at the same time!

Source by Theresa Kruger

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