When Donald J. Trump, was campaigning, to be President of the United States, he often, articulated a message, claiming if his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was elected, she would be, unable to serve, effectively, because, he claimed, there would be constant investigations, and, thus, a Constitutional crisis. Therefore, isn't it, somewhat ironic, we have never witnessed as many, constant, various investigations of any President, as we have, since his election? It seems, nearly every day, there has been, some charge, or claim, of misbehavior, by either, Trump, himself, or someone in his inner circle, etc! In the past couple of months, especially since the submission of the Mueller Report, this President's behavior, has, at the very least, bordered – upon, creating the appearance of something, we have never before witnessed, in recent memory. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some examples of these events and behaviors, and why, we may be approaching some sort of Constitutional crisis.

1. Early – on: Whether one is a supporter, or opposes, Mr. Trump, most would agree. he has handled the responsibility, far differently than his predecessors! While his political core, may applaud this, others are, at the least, concerned! He ran a campaign, largely focused on appealing, politically, to some, and pitting them, against other citizens. Rather than seeking to unify, after his election, we have witnessed a level of polarization, perhaps not seen, since our Civil War! Although, he won the election, based on his accumulating more votes in the Electoral College, than his opponent, he lost the popular vote. Instead of trying to expand his focus, for the common good, and seek, some sort of meeting – of – the – minds, he has continued using rhetoric, and vitriol, we don't associate with our Presidents! Fact – checkers state, he has, either lied, or made major misstatements, at an average rate, of about 10 times, per day, since he was elected, and, Trump, never (not once), has backed – down, from it! Whether, this is related to policy, rhetoric, etc, many have found his behavior, unsettling!

2. Fake news, versus, Trump's Fake News: Although he constantly complains, the media, and anyone else who disagrees with him, is uttering fake news, independent elected, have clearly stated, he, and his inner circle, are the major suppliers of this sort of miscommunication! Many of his original Cabinet members, advisers, and cohorts, have either been, accused of illegal / irregular / unethical behavior / actions, or indicted, convicted, or investigated, for something!

3. Are we now, approaching, a Constitutional Crisis ?: Are we now, approaching, a Constitutional Crisis? When the President tells others to withhold information, skew the facts, or, ignore subpoenas, is that a crisis? When the legitimate, legal requests of the Congress are refused (whether one agree with the Congress' agenda, or not, the Constitution, calls for certain rules), what does that mean, for the future? When the new Attorney General, appears to be working, as much for Mr. Trump, as for the nation, and has clearly, provided certain false narratives, especially in terms of what Mr. Mueller's investigated, connected, isn't that a clear, and present danger? What about, claiming, the right to sell arms, without Congressional approval, to Saudi Arabia, etc, because he has declared a National Emergency, about Iran (although most experts proclaim, the emergency does not exist)? Don't forget, ignoring the apparent will of the Congress, by transferring monies, budgeted, for other purposes, to building his Wall!

The United States Constitution emphasizes the central theme, for the need for a Balance of Powers, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. This was done, to ensure, no single entity or individual, had too much power, which the Founding Fathers, considered dangerous! Wake up, America, because what we do, today, and in the very near – future, will have ramifications, for the very core / essence of this nation!

Source by Richard Brody

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