How often, in the last couple of years, has the news, frustrated, depressed, irritated, or angered you, and you felt, you’ve had enough, of what’s going on, and the direction, the United States of America, seems to be going? Have you observed how things are proceeding, and asked yourself, why those, supposedly, serving and representing you, appear to rather, be only serving their personal/ political agenda, and self – interest? Why does it seem, so little common sense, is demonstrated, and, perhaps, even less integrity, and ethics? What makes the electorate, continue to vote, according to their prejudices, and biases, or the celebrity, rhetoric and empty promises, of those running for office, rather than for individuals (even if imperfect candidates, but better than the alternative), with experience, expertise, demonstrated judgment, and a degree of wisdom, who offer viable, relevant, sustainable solutions? Isn’t it, about time, we prioritized the common good, and protecting America’s liberties and freedoms (all of them, rather than being selective, and for all the people, not only supporters), and said, enough, to the hatred, vitriol, and polarization, created by certain elected officials?

1. The right, and the responsibility, to vote: In the Presidential election of 2016, when Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Donald Trump, was victorious, in the Electoral College, and several states, were won, by extremely small margins, more Americans decided to not take advantage of, and their responsibility to vote, than voted for both candidates, combined. Today, we see, many of the non – voters, voicing dismay about President Trump, but weren’t these people, one of the primary causes? Mr. Trump won the election for a variety of reasons, and I believe, some of the principal ones, included: a) many didn’t like Hillary Clinton, and either voted for the victor, because of that, or didn’t vote, at all; b) voters bought – into his empty promises and rhetoric, even though, he didn’t outline any viable plan, or solution; and/ or, c) they shared Trump’s vision of America, and/ or his rhetoric, and/ or his prejudices and biases.

2. Respect for the Office of the President, is different that for the man: We should respect the office of the President, as the highest office, in the land. But, there is, also, a somewhat, fine line, between doing so, and blindly following the individual, serving, regardless of whether, his actions, are in alignment, with the ideals, freedoms and liberties, this nation has always represented! Until/ unless, citizens make their elected officials, responsible, for serving and representing all of us, not only his supporters, and doing so, safely, responsibly, and in accordance with our Constitutional rights, we will only see, worse abuses, in the future. Nothing will change until it becomes clear, voters have had enough!

Are you sick – and – tired, of being, sick – and – tired? If so, stand up for better representation, and tell those, in office, Enough!

Source by Richard Brody

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