NEWS DESK | Newly named acting minister of foreign affairs, Yisrael Katz already holds two ministerial posts prior. He joins Editor-in-Chief of Israel Hayom Daily Boaz Bismuth and host Nurit Ben in the studio to talk upcoming Israeli elections as well as his new top diplomat position.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday named Yisrael Katz interim foreign minister, marking the third ministerial position filled by the long-time Likud party lawmaker.

Speaking to i24NEWS and Israel Hayom during a special edition of Israel 2019 elections coverage, the newly appointed foreign minister hailed the ‘huge revolution’ Israel is undergoing in recent decades in terms of technology, transportation, and regional relations.

Katz detailed some of his objectives for his time as Israel’s top diplomat: First, he said he plans to ‘strengthen Jerusalem’s status in the world,’ act to persuade the U.S. to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and further strengthening Israel’s relations with neighboring countries.

When asked about an ongoing diplomatic row between Israel and Poland that began when Netanyahu remarked on Polish culpability in Nazi crimes during the Holocaust, Katz defended the Israeli PM and leader of his party despite insisting there is ‘no crisis’ between Jerusalem and Warsaw.

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