It will not be an exaggeration to call Jaipur the Jewel of India. This 300 years "Young" city is the first planned city of India. The main attraction of Jaipur is its forts and Palaces, its vibrant culture, its traditions. While the strategically built colossal forts remind you of the insightfulness of the jaipur rulers, the picturesque palaces, on the other hand are a good evidence of their artistic taste. In short we can say that traveling through Jaipur is like Traveling back to Royal Times. Beautiful palaces enhanced by magnificent artwork and intricate mirror work, vigorous weapons, astonishing collection of royal antiques, Colorful dresses, jovial people, lively festivals, pulsating markets and mouthwatering food are all what depicts Jaipur. Jaipur is the right destination for Shopping too with its specialized markets for various products like books, food items, cloth / readymade garments, jewelry, handicrafts etc. The must buy items from jaipur are handicrafts, cloth / Readymade garments with jaipuri bandej (Design), pottery and lots and lots of lip smacking rajasthani snacks and pickles to cherish the memories of Jaipur back home. In short we can say that if you want a soothing tranquil place amidst the tensions and chaos of the present world, Jaipur is the perfect place.

Below is given the must visiting places of Jaipur:

Amber Fort

Famous For- Beautiful palace, picnic spot, exquisite paintings, elephant ride, intricate mirror work, hills, splendid architecture, royal ambience,
What to See- Shila Devi (Temple), Sukh Niwas (Pleasurable residence of Mahraja), Jaleb Chowk (main courtyard), Maotha Lkae, Diwn-e-Aam (Hall of public audience), Jai Mandir (the hall of victory), Zenana (the palace of women)

City Palace

Famous For -House of the present Royal Family of Jaipur, A perfect marriage of mughal and rajasthani architecture, Museum of royal collectible like cloth, folk embroidery, Rajput weaponry, Art gallery containing original manuscripts of hindu scripture, Miniature paintings etc.

What to see -Mubarak Mahal ,, Mahrani's Palace, Diwan e Aam, Chandra Mahal,, Mubarak Mahal, Badal Mahal, City Palace, Museum, Govind Temple, Chandra Mahal, Diwan e Aam, Diwan e Khas, Sukh Niwas, Shobha Niwas, Chavi Niwas

Hawa Mahal

Famous For -Remarkable Rajasthani architecture made of red and pink sandstone, arched roofs, lattice worked windows small balconies, spectacular view of Jaipur city, made for ladies of royal household to see the royal processions through lattice worked windows.
What to see -Five Storied building each storey worth seeing


Famous For -Cannon foundry, exquisite palace, several beautiful temples, collection of weapons, puppets, coins, largest cannon in the world, puppets

What to see -Dungar Darwaza

Jantar Mantar

Famous For -Planetary Observatory, masonry equipments
What to see -Most famous of the five obsercatories built by Mharaja Sawai Jaisingh. Each and every equipemt is worth seeing also ask how each of them used to work

Nahargarh Fort

Famous For -Built to fortify the defense of Amer, The bird's eye view of Jaipur City especially Mansagar Lake and the surrounding area
What to see -Though some part of the fort is ravaged, the newer additions are really eye-catching, don't foret to climb up the terrace and have a bird's eye view of the city

Pratap Mandir (adjoining Hawa Mahal) Museum

Famous For -Sculptural heritage
What to see -Virat Nagar Museum
The area was known as Matsyadesh during the Epic Period. Amazing collection of excavated materials.

Statues, exquisite weapons, coins of the bygone era, potteries, seals etc.

Source by Jitendra Bhojwani

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