Not long ago, this author has stated:

"For years and years, generation after generation, they have told us that people in this country, as well as the entire world is outnumbered by white people. And we believed it too. For me, I've always wondered how that was possible when there are so many lands that are filled with people of color. Nearly every continent has people who are not white living there. Albeit, we have been inundated with white folks in the movies, television, radio, the newspapers and magazines, the commercials , every add as far as the eye can see … is dominated, portrayed, and illuminated with and for white people. And it was intended for "People of Color" to absorb, digest, and believe to be true … forever ! Why is that? White is good, Black is bad. So why is it that the powers that be continually attempt to brainwash and bamboozle each and every member of the human race? "

Did not All Human Life begin in Africa, on the African Continent? Was "The Garden of Eden" not located in Iraq?

One such untruth is the white-washing of the former 'King of England, Ireland, and Scotland.' His name is 'James Charles Stuart.'

When this king directed and ordered the publication of the "Holy Bible," (the Old Testament), he was almost immediately set up for an assassination … an execution if you will. The order was given not only becaue he made the Bible easy to read; interpret; to understand for the 'Common Man / Woman,' but because of his Black heritage as well. Certain people did not want it to be known that a Black Man was the true and rightful leader and heir to the thrown of the modern world (at that time). Publishers of books and other publications have taken drastic steps to re-write the history of the world. They did not want children and especially people of color, mainly Black People to know that a Black could rule all over the world. This is also one of the reasons the Cairo Museum has taken steps to hide the real rulers of ancient Egypt and Africa (as the world was then known). The eradication and clandestine storage of artifacts surrounding the leadership of "King Taharqua" during the 25th Dynasty of Upper, Middle, Lower Egypt, and much of the Africa Continent was almost erased from history by certain people of non-melanin heritage, because the people who ruled were in fact Black!

Many of this hidden story can be obtained in a book that was published and stored by 'Cambridge University,' in England – "King James VI and I and the Reunion of Christendom (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)." This publication can be found on 'Amazon' and many other book retailers.

King James was not only Black, but Hebrew as well!

"We cannot have this' Jew 'rule over our' Christian Realms!"

"Remember, remember the fifth of November … Gunpowder, treason and plot, I see no reason why gunpowder treason. Should ever be forgot."

'Guy Fawkes'

The historical study of the career and life of King James VI and I, as king of Scotland (1567-1625) and England (1603-1625), who achieved a union of the crowns as the first king of Great Britain. He took on the recurring religious wars within his land as well as that of the world. A peacemaker and diplomat, his intentions were complemented by his efforts in fostering a close relationship in and among the churches of the world, and especially on the European Continent. It is indeed factual that he helped to maintain these initiatives with peace and wisdom, even though his time was cut short with the coming of the "Thirty Years War." It was also immensely beneficial to both Britain and other countries in and around Europe and the world as it was known.

"Although the evidence is not obvious or well publicized, Queen Charlotte was the great great-great grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth II, who still lives in the expanded Buckingham House, now Buckingham Palace. Her African bloodline in the British royal family is not common knowledge. The Royal couple had fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived to adulthood. Their fourth eldest son was 'Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent,' later fathered Queen Victoria, "according to what has been reported in this author's article," Europe's Black King (s) and Queen (s) "

In a new and upcoming book, these Black Kings and Queens will be discussed by way of a story telling. The story is about four teacher scholars and their fourteen college students, who make up the class of freshmen, juniors, sophmores, and seniors of several Philadelphia area schools, as they embark upon a trip to Egypt and its' tombs of ancient Pharoahs, Kings , and Queens. Little do they know, with this visitation of certain tombs and / or graves, comes a terrible price.

Imhotep, Taharqua, Kharis, Ananka, are just some of the dead who are aroused with this un-holy disturbance of its 'tombs and graves … From this point of view, the likes of' Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney , and several others, will not be displayed due to them not being the actual color or racial makeup of the Egyptian characters they have portrayed in the past. Albeit, this author is an ardent fan of their horror depictions (or monster characterizations), black and white, as well as the colorized versions. The characters within the parameters of this story depicts the true makeup of the original Kings and Queens of the African and Middle Eastern diaspora.

The new project, "Hallow III," will include the story, "Wrappings," as an adventure into the heartland of Egypt. The Pyramids, Sphinx, 'Tombs, and Statues identify the true identities of the hierarchy and subordinate characters who have inherently lived, breathed, and possessed the land of mystery and Spirituality.

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

A magician and his beautiful daughter finance an expedition of American archeologists, led by Professor Allen F. Bruce and his team of scholars and students. The team travels to Egypt in search of an undisclosed tomb. Unbeknownst to the team as a whole, Dr. Bruce keeps secret his true intentions of the trip's sight-seeing and digging project. At first, they are thrilled to find a 3,000 year old Mummy. But soon they learn that when the moon is full the Mummy goes on a murderous rampage of revenge and lust … unless they can find a way to stop or destroy their greatest find.

The Scroll of Thoth:

"Herein are set down the magic words by which 'Isis' raised 'Osiris' from the dead … in the darkened corridors of" Karnak! "

"Oh! Amon-Ra..Oh! God of Gods – Death is but the doorway to new life – We live today – We shall live again – in many forms shall we return – O Mighty One … Return O Ka, the dapul, return O Aire the soul, O strong art the heart, make supple the limbs and strong the sinews, refill O my soul, this heart, with tenderness, so that he may walk again in the land of 'Kem' in all thy strength and beauty and wear once more the Uralite! " Give life, give life O 'Karnak' when I say the mighty words …!

O 'Karnak,' with this scroll of life, O Lord of the souls, the Mighty One of Amen Tet, let not this soul be dead … give life with the mighty words of power …

Let them not pass away … let them be restored to life … O Mighty One, let them not be corrupted … let them be filled with strength and tenderness … once the deaths of the unbelievers have been done, the mummy can be released from the curse, being undead … the protector of the tombs and the avenging spirit … as are the collection of assigned High Priests … the tombs of the dead!

One of the ancient Egyptians, "The Spirit of Taharqua," is transported by the High Preist "Mehemet," from Egyt to the United States, invoking vengeance on all who have defilled the sacred tomb of his beloved daughter, "Queen Amenirdis," the eighth and last ruler of the 25th Dynasty.

"Intolerant unbelievers! They will / shall suffer the consequences of a thousand deaths … to kill all and the last desecrator is the task at hand! The Maat … of Mehemet Bey!"

Source by Gregory V. Boulware

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