Money, Relations and Technology Sales didn’t matter to liberals, but Diplomacy is Treason? A little history to refresh minds!
Liberal Rhetoric Maelstrom: Treason, Diplomacy and Civil Unrest..and the need to tone the rhetoric down

The liberal leaders have been using an unusually incendiary and extreme rhetoric that is leading to mounting agitation in the population. Identity politics have separated us into tribes…and tribes reclaim territory and power…so we’ve begun to clash. And here we are, with extreme groups popping up their heads at an increasingly higher rate over the last 4-6 years….and picking up in the last 2, since the liberals lost the elections….and particularly now that we approach the mid-term elections.
The thirst for recovering political control has brought intense political speeches leading to more violence and shows of disrespect of national symbols and institutions.
It’s gotten ridiculous even, with abundant drama and histrionics, exaggerated and false accusations and fault-finding, all of which leads us nowhere except societal agitation, and embarrassment in front of the world , which only gets news about the liberals’ outbursts.
And we haven’t seen Maxine Waters nor Hillary Clinton, nor any liberal leader stand up and call for peace and reason.
For the love of America, for the love of peace…I beseech liberal leaders to tone it down, to bring rational arguments and proposals to the people and let us decide without fear or violence. Please, earn your votes peacefully.

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