London is the largest city to the whole of UK and England, is the capital of England. One of the fascinating aspects of London is that the city has witnessed tremendous past, and is witnessing exciting future. Living present is enchanting as ever. It is a metropolitan cosmopolitan travel paradise for tourists. One of the greatest and world renowned cities it still rule the roost of cities in the whole of England and UK.In terms of fashion, dynamic culture and trade and finance it remains a global capital.

Starting from the scenic beauty, its grand architecture and accommodations like London hotels equipped with very famous English hospitality. London is every tourist’s favorite place to thrive. To visit London there can be many reasons you will be coming for leisure or for corporate meeting. In order to stay in a hotel there are many cheap London hotels. For travel through London you can walk by foot for shorter distances while for longer distances to walk through on e place to another you can take up tube trains. London has the biggest underground rail network anywhere in the world. It is often called the tube.

Places to visit in London

There are plenty of star attractions of this glorious city. And you can fill up your days with sight seeing and shopping till you drop. London is home to worlds famous and European’s largest market that is Oxford Street. The Palace of Westminster including the Big Ben and the house of parliament that are one of the world heritage site all is present in this fascinating city called London. The city is also home to official residence of the England’s first family the residence of Queen. The palace is epitome of beauty it’s a must see sight even though you don’t go in. The impeccable royal architecture is a living legend of the bygone days. One of the busiest places in this part of London is Leicester square, one of the busiest areas in London. It is home to the largest multiplexes often frequented with star studded premiers as well as cafes and pubs. Since thousands of tourists throng this place the cinema tickets and even the bottles of water are very expensive. If you want to see world renowned celebrities in a single hall then visit Madame Tussaud’s museum. Here you can watch and take pictures of your favorite celebrity.

Explore the city London

To explore the city hire an open top bus tours, the tour offers excellent sights of the London city with its entire hustle bustle enjoy the sights of sky scraper, the very fashionable sleek London public and much more. You can walk through your way to the city of London and it will be a great experience if you experience the city while on foot. If the day is sunny then you can catch on the London spirit.

You can see London theatre which conducts various artistic musical plays and comedy. London’s theatreland is world famous since the art is very popular in every form. People still go to theatres to watch a play or some musical performance.

If the weather is sunny and you are on a holiday then you can go for a long stroll in the parks and gardens of London. This is the best part of London being a metropolitan it is still not a concrete jungle but is studded with large parks like a green jewel of the city.For staying in hotels there are various kind of hotels budget hotels in London, discount hotels in London and even cheap hotels in London.

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