Mad About You is an American Sitcom which is created by Paul Reiser and Danny Jacobson. It aired from September 23, 1992 to May 24, 1999 on NBC Network. It ran for seven seasons and divided into 164 episodes, approximately the length of each episode was 22 minutes.

The main characters of the series are Paul Buchman, Jamie Buchman, Murray the name of a dog, Fran Devanow, Lisa Stemple, Ira Buchman, Sylvia Buchman, Burt Buchman, Mabel Buchman, and Mark Devanow.

Buchman was the student of the New York University Film School, after attending the school he struggled for recognition before finally succeeding in filmmaking in New York City. He lives with his wife, dog, and daughter in Union Square. Jamie Buchman who is the daughter of Gus and Theresa Stemple has a shop of boyfriends; I mean after seven friends at Yale University, she met Paul Buchman by stealing his copy of The New York Times with a fantastic excuse. She has not a good relationship with her mother-in-law.

Murray is the dog of Paul and Jamie Buchman. Murray sometimes chases an invisible mouse, and ends up banging his head against something. One day Jamie found the real mouse that was chased by Murray. Fran Devanow is the best friend of Jamie; he was the regional Vice President at Farrer-Gantz Public Relation and hired Jamie as her assistant. Fran left Farrer-Gantz in 1989 in order to spend her time with her five years old son and husband named as Mark. When Fran left her post, Jamie was promoted to that post. Fran breaks her relationship with Mark after 10 years of their marriage; this incident shocked both Jamie and his hubby Paul. Jamie also has a sister who is three years older than Jamie, her name is Lisa. Lisa has some psychological issues. Lisa blames Jamie for all of her problems because she thinks that Jamie did not allow her to relate others, and tethered her to a lifetime of insecurity and neurosis. Ira, who is the cousin of Paul and appeared in Mad About You in "The Wedding Affair" episode. He worked for Paul's father, Burt, at Burchman's Sporting Goods. Paul and Ira both were close friends but opposition com out when Ira took ownership of Buchman's Sporting Goods upon Burt's retirement.

The show received overall 274 in Nielsen ratings, during the first season its rating was 54, then 31, 11, 37, 24, 32, and 85 in the remaining seasons respectively.

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