There’s a hidden prospecting technique Donald Trump exploits over and over, that you can use to close more prospects into your MLM business.

And that hidden prospecting technique is called: W.I.I.F.M.

Simply put, WIIFM stands for “What’s In It For Me”. And this is what I like to call, the “Hidden Prospect Radio Station”. And that’s because this is all your prospect is listening to when you’re qualifying them.

Why is WIIFM so important you ask? Great question!

It’s important because prospects DON’T care about your business opportunity, MLM or what you’re selling. They just want to know “What’s In It For Me”. That’s it.

All your prospects care about, is how can your opportunity help them fulfill their Needs, Wants, and Desires.

Now I want to you to really think about it. When your prospect filled out the form that made them a lead on your list, they didn’t say “Wow, a home business with fancy products, I want to learn more”

They said “Hmmm. . . this looks like a way for me to get out of debt” or “this looks like a way for me to put some money away for my retirement, let me find out more”

And those who are truly successful in MLM or in prospecting in general know how to exploit this little known secret in order to close their prospects like clockwork.

Just take a look at “The Don” (Donald Trump) for that matter. When he’s prospecting for potential business partners, he doesn’t just say “I have this, I have that, are you in?

He lets them know “What’s In It For Them”. He’ll show them what “they” have to gain if they work together. He’ll let them know “Hey, if you join me now, I can do this, I can help you get that, etc.”

All you have to do is take a step back, and stop thinking about yourself for a minute, and tap into WIIFM to see exactly how your prospects would benefit and fulfill their needs, wants and desires if they joined you.

And this is key, because these needs, wants and desires changes from prospect to prospect. So you have to know how to exploit it in all occasions.

So how do I exploit WIIFM to close more of my prospects?

I like to use my 3 Golden Questions that’ll pluck all the information I need to close my prospect quickly and easily, but it’s very simple, here’s all you have to do:

1. Find their selling point (Money) – Find what dollar amount they’re searching for.

2. Find their specific Needs, Wants and Desires – What’s behind the money.

3. Push their pain and pleasures buttons – What they’re hoping to get rid of and what they are hoping to gain.

4. Give them a headache and provide them aspirin – Use this technique to “dangle the carrot” in front of them, and watch them close themselves.

So just remember you always want to tap into WIIFM when you’re prospecting. Don’t forget why you got started in MLM. It wasn’t just for the sake of having a home business.

You joined for the same reasons your prospects will join, and its to fulfill your needs, wants and desires. See, nobody joins a home business just to be in a home business. We all joined as a way to help pay for college or put money away for retirement or to finally go on that vacation (for our needs, wants, and desires)

So don’t get caught in the mistake of babbling on and on and on about how about how great your opportunity is to your prospect. Just do what Donald Trump and every other successful prospector does, let your prospect know “What’s In It For Them”.

Because once you can exploit this hidden strategy with every prospect, achieving MLM Success and increased profits in your MLM business won’t be far behind.

Source by Richard Knight

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