The Shilla Dynasty has been shown for the first time in an extra-ordinary show way back in 2009, The Great Queen Seon Deok. Shown in some countries in Southeast Asia, many people were aware of the show and its power to capture the hearts of every viewer. Everyone who knew about the show searched over the web finding relevant news about the television series, most especially the actors portraying their respective roles. Although the story was swayed away from the real historical facts and figures, the writer who caused its story to be very enticing allowed all viewers to watch each and every scene with awe.

The television series, the Great Queen Seon Deok was shown as a historical drama in South Korea. Young Deokman was forced to be taken away from the palace to avoid evil Mishil's might and influence to eliminate the royal family and place herself to power. As a twin princess, she was forced to relinquish her rights and privileges shortly after her birth just to save the royal family. For so many years, she lived a life away from the palace having an opportunity to collect experiences and knowledge to aid her future dream to rule Shilla. Apart from the political issues found in the story, the Great Queen Seon Deok allowed its viewers to feast on the culture and lifestyle of the Shilla Dynasty as the actors portrayed their roles very well both in acting and in fashion.

The juiciest part is the love story of Bidam and Queen Seon Deok which originated from the time they met until their last breath. There was no happy ending of the story but the scenes blended with the right emotions were captivating and could compel viewers to cry, recall, reject, accept, and get contented. Finally, the most captivating portrayal in the show is the character of Lady Mishil. Being an influential courtier and political strategist, she was able to forward her dream to gain the throne but failed to snatch the crown away from the Great Queen Seon Deok.

Lady Mishil died killing herself after trying to gain the throne, leaving all viewers in question as to the fate of her abandoned son with King Jinji named Bidam. However, viewers were in gloom witnessing the death of Bidam ten paces away from the Great Queen Seon Deok because he led a revolution against the first female ruler of Shilla.

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