Mussoorie is a hill station situated at the foothills of the Himalayas. Also called "The Queen Of The Hills", Mussoorie derives its name from the indigenous mansoor shrub that is growing plentifully in the region. The town's history dates back to 1825, when an adventurous British military officer, lured by the beauty of the ridge, decided to construct a shooting lodge here, unknowingly laying the foundation to a popular holiday resort Mussoorie is today.

Spread over a ridge, with a fantastic view on majestic Himalayas, and distant views of the holy river Ganges from one end and Jamuna River from the other, overlooking the Doon valley and the city of Dehradun, its hills covered in lush trees and rich in varied fauna, Mussoorie attracts both domestic and foreign visitors.

A stroll down the town's streets reveals the most prominent historical spots in Mussoorie: Landour Bazaar, Chaar dukaan, Lal tibba (Mussoorie's highest point), Gun hill (where a cannon was used to sound the midday in the past), the cemetery on Camel Back (a nature walk named after a rocky outcrop resembling a camel's hump), the Mussoorie Library, and the Savoy Hotel.

Once described as presenting a fairyland atmosphere to the visitors, Mussoorie is an ideal honeymoon destination and a great ski resort. Teeming with colonial charm, it offers in one package both the scenic beauty, and hectic social life! It is interesting to note that Mussoorie has never been an "official" summer capital for the British Indian government, but was always considered a somewhat "secret" place to hide from unbearably hot summers of Delhi and Kolkata … and maybe even to hide some other things! The romantic atmosphere of Mussoorie has earned the town its name of the Indian honeymoon capitol.

Mussoorie has also developed into an important center of business and education. The officers for Indian Police Service and Administrative Service are trained here. Since the colonial days, Mussoorie has housed various schools, such as St. George's College, one of the oldest and most reputed schools in all of India. Woodstock School is among the most well known international boarding schools in the country.

Mussoorie was a place where the Central Tibetan Administration of the 14th Dalai Lama was at first established during the Tibetan Rebellion in 1959. The first Tibetan temple in India was built here. There are many Tibetans living in Mussoorie even today.

With an average elevation of almost two thousand meters above sea level, Mussoorie is freezing and under heavy snow in winter. The monsoon season is from July to September. To experience this beautiful place at its best, visit the Mussoorie during its pleasantly cool summer.

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