Several days ago, Donald Trump appeared before the United Nations and did what he did best: spouting nonsense. In his unintelligible cluster of word salad, he managed to bring his new nickname for Kim Jong Un into the mainstream: ‘Rocket Man.’ In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder reviews Nikki Haley’s positive reaction to Trump’s nicknames. Keep in mind, Haley is the current U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

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—After President Trump delivered some of his harshest threats directed at the North Korean regime at the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley tells “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday that Mr. Trump doesn’t actually want to go war with the North Koreans.

“No one wants war, the president doesn’t want war, we tried to do this through dialogue, we tried to do this through sanctions we’ve tried every diplomatic matter we can, and we’re not giving up on that,” said Haley, appearing to shift from Mr. Trump’s warning of “total destruction” in his first speech to the General Assembly.

While Haley says that the U.S. has “lots of military options” to approaching the regime, she said the issue at hand is trying to get North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s attention.

“No one knows how to get his attention so all you can do is continue to let him know what could happen if he doesn’t stop,” said Haley. “Everyone is trying out how to get to Kim, that’s the problem, we just don’t know how.”

Haley even noted Mr. Trump’s use of the nickname for the leader “Rocket Man” has quickly caught on at the UN. —


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